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Mental Health, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services

Vital offers mental health, alcohol and substances abuse services. You do not have to see your PCP first to see a doctor or other provider for mental health, alcohol or substances abuse services. You can ask for these services whenever you feel like you need them.

Vital wants to make it easy for you to get physical and mental health, alcohol, and substance abuse services in the same place. This is called integrated care.

Your Primary Medical Group is one place you can go to get mental health, alcohol or drug abuse services. Your Primary Medical Group must have a psychologist and/or a social worker available at least from four (4) to sixteen (16) hours per week, during regular business hours.

If you get mental health, alcohol or drug abuse services at another place (like a mental health clinic or a psychiatric hospital); they must have services from a PCP in the office at least part of the time to care for your physical health needs.

If you need help finding mental health, alcohol and substance abuse services, call First Medical Health Plan’s Medical Advise Line at 1-844-347-7801; TTY/TDD users should call 1-844-347-7805.