Transmittal Letter CL-24-0528119.2 KBTransmittal Letter CL-24-0603202.2 KBTransmittal Letter NL-24-0531206.0 KBTransmittal Letter -DSPR_FQHC Billing Requirements Clarifications1.1 MBTransmittal Letter Policy ASES-2023-P0032.5 MBTransmittal Letter NL-24-05174.0 MBTransmittal Letter NL-24-0513211.1 KBTransmittal Letter CL-24-051356.8 KBTransmittal Letter CL-24-0513-1124.0 KBTransmittal Letter NL-24-0501249.8 KBTransmittal Letter CL-24-0506123.1 KBTransmittal Letter NL-24-0424-1168.3 KBTransmittal Letter CL-24-0422234.1 KBTransmittal Letter NL-24-0415233.5 KBTransmittal Letter DSPR_AO 5892.2 MBTransmittal Letter DSPR_AO 588940.3 KBTransmittal Letter CL-24-0402125.3 KBTransmittal Letter CL 24-0312164.0 KBTransmittal Letter DSPR ADENDUM1.3 MBTransmittal Letter NL-24-0112-A218.8 KBTransmittal Letter NL-24-0227529.2 KBTransmittal Letter CL-24-0304199.5 KBTransmittal Letter NL-24-0216168.3 KBTransmittal Letter CL 24-0213215.7 KBTransmittal Letter – Normative 24-0206 Non-Risk Payment302.6 KBTransmittal Letter CL-24-0209171.7 KBTransmittal Letter CL 24-0131-A - AMENDED109.3 KBTransmittal Letter CL 24-0112 - UPDATE312.3 KBTransmittal Letter CL 24-0112227.3 KBTransmittal Letter OA 2024-5851.9 MBTransmittal Letter NL-24-0112318.6 KBTransmittal Letter CL-24-0111648.3 KBCircular Letter 23-12213.0 MBTransmittal Letter CL 23-122156.4 KB-Transmittal Letter OA 582 -OA 5821.3 MB-Transmittal Letter OA 2023-583 -OA 2023-583 -Attach 398-2018​3.3 MB- Transmittal Letter CL 23-1227-A - Circular Letter 23-1227-A233.5 KB- Transmittal Letter CL 23-1227 - Circular Letter 23-1227328.3 KB- Transmittal Letter A.O. No.580 - A.O. No.5803.2 MB- Transmittal Letter NC 23-1215-1 - Normative Letter 23-1215-1149.0 KB- Transmittal Letter NC 23-1215 - Normative Letter 23-1215168.8 KB- Transmittal Letter NC 23-1201 - Normative Letter 23-1201446.6 KBTransmittal Letter CN 2023-343 D - Attachment AO Number. 2023-579681.1 KBTransmittal Letter CN 23-0927-1 Amended A, Diabetes Treatment Protocol Changes Approved 11152023 | Addendum - Attach Transmittal Letter to Normative Letter 23-0927-1467.0 KB-Transmittal Letter CL 23-1023 -Circular Letter 23-1023235.5 KB-Transmittal Letter NC 23-1010-1 Adendum -Normative Letter 23-1010-1 Adendum -Attach NL 23-1010-1 - 10102023395.4 KB- Transmittal Letter NC 23-1010-1 - Normative Letter 23-1010-1254.0 KB- Transmittal Letter NC 23-1005-Amended - Normative Letter 23-1005-Amended - Attach CC 2023-009​1.1 MB- Transmittal Letter NC 23- 1005-1 - Normative Letter 23-1005-1452.9 KB- Transmittal Letter NC 23-1011 - Normative Letter 23-1011714.7 KB- Transmittal Letter NC 23-1010 - Normative Letter 23-1010956.1 KB- Transmittal Letter CL 23-1011 - Circular Letter 23-1011185.1 KB-Transmittal Letter FMHP_PRV_23.80_142_S -CN 23-0927-1156.3 KB-Transmittal Letter FMHP_PRV_23.80_142_S -23-0928383.0 KB- Transmittal Letter OA 577 - OA 5770 BCircular Letter 23-0908-01112.0 KB- Transmittal Letter CL 23-0907 - Circular Letter 23-0907190.1 KB- Transmittal Letter NC 23-0907 - Normative Letter 23-0907231.5 KBCircular Letter 23-0908123.2 KB- Transmittal Letter-Policy No. AC-OPCAC-2020-P001 - Policy No. AC-OPCAC-2020-P001 - Attachment: CN-23-07282.3 MB- Transmittal Letter NC 23-0815 - Normative Letter 23-0815761.9 KB- Transmittal Letter NC 23-0809 - Normative Letter 23-0809205.4 KB- Transmittal Letter NC 23-0808 - Normative Letter 23-0808404.1 KB- Transmittal Letter NC 23-0808-1 - Normative Letter 23-0808-1404.5 KB- Transmittal Letter CL 23-0710 - Circular Letter 23- 23-0710262.4 KB- Transmittal Letter CL 23-0721 - Circular Letter 23-0721108.1 KB- Transmittal Letter CL 23-0807 - Circular Letter 23-23-0807223.3 KB- Transmittal Letter NC 23-0728 - Normative Letter 23-0728296.3 KB- Carta Trámite CC 23-0721 - Carta Circular 23-0721108.1 KB- Transmittal Letter NC 23-0609 Enmendada A - Normative Letter 23-0609 Enmendada A126.3 KB- Transmittal Letter NC 23-0713 - Normative Letter 23-0713327.8 KB- Transmittal Letter NC 23-0621 - Normative Letter 23- 0621297.6 KB- Transmittal Letter NC 23-0613 - Normative Letter 23-0613207.4 KB- Transmittal Letter NC 23-0613-1 - Normative Letter 23-0613-1134.4 KB- Transmittal Letter NL 23-0609 - Normative Letter 23-0609117.3 KB- Transmittal Letter NL 22-0202-F - Normative Letter 22-0202-F6.2 MB- Transmittal Letter NL 23-0608 - Normative Letter 23-0608206.1 KB- Transmittal Letter CC 23-0608 - Circular Letter 23-0608312.3 KB- Transmittal Letter NC 23-0606 - Normative Letter 23-0606756.8 KB- Transmittal Letter NC 23-0117-amendment - Normative Letter23-0017 - amendment -Attach 1 CN 23-0117_01172023 -Attach 2 CN_03-15-2016_03152016509.8 KB- Transmittal Letter NC 23-0517 - Normative Letter 23-0517138.7 KB- Transmittal Letter NL 23-0427 - Normative Circular 23-0427157.3 KB- Transmittal Letter CL 23-0420 - Circular Letter 23-0420323.5 KB- Transmittal Letter CL 23-0404-A_Adendum - Circular Letter 23-0404-A_Adendum341.3 KB- Transmittal Letter NC 23-0410 - Normative Letter 23-0410422.1 KB- Transmittal Letter CL 23-0404 - Circular Letter 23-0404359.1 KB- Transmittal Letter NC 23-0403 - Normative Letter 23-04031.8 MB- Transmittal Letter CL 23-0403 - Circular Letter 23-0403361.7 KB-Transmittal Letter NC 23-0403-1 -Normative Letter23-0403-1210.5 KB-Transmittal Letter NC 23-0223-REMINDER -Normative Letter 23-0203 -Attach 1 -Attach 2436.3 KB- Transmittal Letter A.O No. 568 - Administrative Order No. 568 - Attachment A.O. No. 334 -march 3, 2015​1.7 MBProviders Guidelines21.3 MB- Transmittal Letter NC 23-0117-03 - Normative Letter 23-0117-03 -attach 1 -attach 2 -attach3​1.2 MB- Transmittal Letter NC23-0214 - Normative Letter23-0214 - attach CN 23-0107-02-ASES-OC-2023/P0041.3 MB-Transmittal Letter NC 23-0223 -Normative Letter 23-0203 -Attach 1 -Attach 2436.9 KB- Transmittal Letter DSPR-PEP - Informative Letter DSPR-PEP630.0 KB-Transmittal Letter CC 23-02 -Circular Letter 23-02869.0 KB-Transmittal Letter CC 2023-002 -Circular Letter 2023-002 -Adm. Order No. 5621.5 MB-OPP- Open Letter Transmittal Letter -OPP - Open Letter -OPP - Attachment - monitoring notice 2023 -OPP -Attachment​ - Map by regions 2023688.9 KB- Transmittal Letter NC 23-0206 - Normative Letter 23-0206188.4 KB- Transmittal Letter AO 560 - Administrative Order 5601.1 MB- Transmittal Letter NC 23-0117-03 - Normative Letter23-0117-03 -1. Attachment - Generic Pre-authorization Form -2. Attachment - Registration Form Special Conditions -3. Attachment- Consultation Referral Form2.1 MB- Transmittal Letter NC 23-0126 - Normative Letter 23-0126481.9 KB- Transmittal Letter NC 23-0117 - Normative Letter 23-01171.5 MB- Transmittal Letter NC 23-0117-2 - Normative Letter 23-0117-2745.3 KB- Transmittal Letter Policy ASES-OC-2023/P003 - Policy ASES-OC-2023/P0031.9 MB- Transmittal Letter CL 23-0118-1 - Circular Letter23-0118-1 (Ingles)113.8 KB- Transmittal Letter CL 2023-001-A - Circular Letter2023-001-A -AO -2020-441​2.0 MB- Transmittal Letter CL 2023-001 - Circular Letter2023-001 - AO -2020-441​2.0 MB- Transmittal Letter NC 22-1227 - Normative Letter 22-1227183.5 KB- Transmittal Letter NC 22-01212-2 - Normative Letter 22-1212-22.3 MB- Transmittal Letter NC 22-01212-1 - Normative Letter 22-1212-11.1 MB- Transmittal Letter CL22-1031 A - Circular Letter 22-1031A - Attachment CL 22-1031​273.0 KB- Transmittal Letter AO 22-1129 - Administrative Order 22-1129240.4 KB- Transmittal Letter AO 22-1114 - AO 22-1114162.8 KB- Transmittal Letter NC 22-1104 - Normative Letter 22-1104390.7 KB- Transmittal Letter NC 22-1101 - Normative Letter 22-1101226.1 KB- Transmittal Letter NC 22-1031-1 - Normative Letter 22-1031-1118.2 KB- Transmittal Letter NC 22-0202-E - Normative Letter 22-0202-E8.8 MB- Clinical Practices Guidelines244.6 KB- Transmittal Letter NC 22-1021-1 - Normative Letter 22-1021-1374.1 KB- Transmittal Letter NC19-0417-A - Normative Letter19-0417-A410.7 KBInformative Letter Medicaid Extension of Elegibility until January 20231.6 MB- Transmittal Letter CL 22-1021 - Circular Letter 22-10211.3 MB- Transmittal Letter AO-Núm. 552 - Administrative Order - Núm. 552575.9 KB- Transmittal Letter NC 22-0202-D - Normative Letter 22-00202-D893.7 KB- Transmittal Letter OE 2021-048 - Executive Order 2022-0481.5 MB- Transmittal Letter 22-0930 - Administrative Order : 22-0930241.1 KB- Transmittal Letter NC 22-0929 - Circular Letter 22-0929294.2 KB- Transmittal Letter NC 22-0928 - Normative Letter 22-0928251.7 KB- Transmittal Letter NC 22-0929 - Normative Letter 22-0929132.0 KB- Transmittal Letter NC 22-0916-A - Normative Letter 22-0916-A241.5 KB- Transmittal Letter NC 22-0330-A - Normative Letter 22-0330-A1.3 MB- Transmittal Letter OA 22-0916 - O.A. 22-09160 B- Transmittal Letter OA 22-0915 Hurricane Fiona - O.A. 22-0915 - Hurricane Fiona902.5 KB- Transmittal Letter NC 22-0909 - Normative Letter 22-0909386.1 KB- Transmittal Letter NC 22-0907 - Normative Letter 22-0907285.4 KBFMHP_PRV_22.80_74_E_ Providers Directory_Vital_English_Approved_083120225.1 MB- Normative Letter 22-0819 - Normative Letter 22-0819-1 - Normative Letter 22-0819-21,005.8 KB- Transmittal Letter NC 22-0706-A - Normative Letter 22-0706-A - Normative Letter 22-07062.4 MBTransmittal-Letter-O.A.-No.-2022-539851.4 KBTransmittal Letter1.2 MB-Transmittal Letter O.A. No. 2022-5442.1 MB- Transmittal Letter NC 22-0803- Normative Letter 22-08031.2 MB- Transmittal Letter NC 22-0127-A - Normative Letter22-0127-A765.1 KB- Transmittal Letter NC 22-0202-C - Normative Letter 22-0202-C -Attachment I - Moderna Vaccine Booster-COVID-19_ -Attachment II- AMA Appendix Q_table-COVID-19 -Attachment III- Inmunization Schedule 5 Yrs Older-COVID-192.2 MBTransmittal Letter924.9 KB- Transmittal Letter NC 22-0706-1 - Normative Letter 22-0706-1131.1 KB- Transmittal Letter NC 22-0706 - Normative Letter 22-07061.2 MBNormative Letter 22-0628-1136.9 KBNormative Letter 22-0202-B2.1 MBNormative Letter 22-0628-1136.9 KBInformative Letter - Administrative Order No. 537, Professional Licenses Extension issued by ORCS JLDM until December 31, 20221.2 MBInformative Letter Brief Guide of monkeypox in P.R.13.6 MBVital Vaccination Center4.8 MBQ&A Normative Letter 22-03303.4 MBPrivacy Practice Notification FMHP 2022_English_Approved_060620221.8 MBFMHP_PRV_22.80_54_E Directorio de Proveedores - Inglés - mayo 20220 BTransmittal Letter - Atento el Departamento de Salud a viruela del mono o Monkeypox386.0 KBTrammital Letter - ASES - Carta Trámite CC 22-0511 Manejo de las Pre-autorizaciones (PA) Clínicas y Configuración de Cubierta de Medicamentos durante la transición de emergencia0 BTrammital Letter - CN 2022-315-AS Tarifa de las Pruebas para la Detección del COVID-190 BInformative Letter - 22-0202 A Enmendada1.8 MBInformative Letter - Public Notice - Plan Vital PBM Change Pharmacy Benefit1.4 MBQuick Guide Plan Vital Mobile Application1.5 MBTransmittal Letter - Informative Letter and Reminder -Avoid Interruptions in Cancer Treatments327.8 KBNormative Letter - 2022-0411 Revocación de Autorización de Uso del medicamento SOTROVIMAB en Puerto Rico0 BTrasmittal Letter - Circular Letter 2022- 0406-1 Mobile Application Development Vital Plan234.0 KBLetter of Transmittal - Terminación de Emergencia e Inicio Proceso de Recertificación de Medicaid0 BInformative Letter - 2022-0321 Manejo Escasez Medicamento Losartan - Hidroclorotiazida (HCTZ)327.3 KBInformative Letter - 20-0330 Pruebas Serodiagnóticas Determinación Elegibilidad Administración Vacuna dengue0 BNormative Letter - 21-0317 A Prevención de caries mediante aplicación de Barniz de Fluoruro0 BCircular Letter - 18-0813 A Notificación sobre cambio en Formulario para Medicamentos J-Codes0 BInformative Letter - 21-0511A Revisión al Formulario Estándar Registro de Condiciones Especiales0 BCommunication regarding Normative Letter 22-03082.0 MBCommunication regarding Normative Letter 22-0303262.3 KBCommunication regarding Normative Letter Amendment 22-02081.3 MBCommunication regarding Normative Letter 22-0202508.9 KBCommunication regarding Normative Letter 22-0209344.6 KBCommunication regarding Normative Letter 22-01271.3 MBNormative Letter 22-0208540.8 KBCircular Letter 22-0125162.1 KBNormative Letter 22-0127-01370.5 KBNormative Letter 22-0128214.8 KBNormative Letter 22-0103366.2 KBCircular Letter 2022-001504.6 KBNormative Letter 21-1223270.1 KBInformative letter- Puerto Rico Medicaid Program update information394.0 KBNormative letter 21-1001575.2 KBNormative Letter 22-0103200.8 KBNormative Letter 21-1214-041.8 MBNormative Letter 21-1214-038.9 MBNormative Letter 21-1214-021.4 MBNormative Letter 21-1214-011.6 MBAsthma Management Program 202110.7 MBNormative Letter 20-0417324.1 KBNormative Letter 21-11095.9 MBNormative Letter 21-0817 A710.8 KBCommunication regarding Transmittal Letter Deadline related to Provider Enrollment Portal746.7 KBCommunication regarding Normative Letter 20-1214 F193.5 KBCommunication regarding Circular Letter 20-1028-01372.1 KBNormative Letter 2021-1028476.1 KBInformative letter 21-0715191.3 KBCircular letter 20-04022.3 MBNormative letter 21-1022276.4 KBCommunication regarding Normative Letter 20-0304 related to Autism Provisional Special Coverage1.2 MBPRIOR-AUTHORIZATION PROTOCOL FOR CANCER TREATMENT ANDOR GENETICAL STUDIES SERVICES149.1 KBCommunication regarding Normative Letter No. 21-1005177.4 KBCommunication regarding Normative Letter 21-092398.5 KBAccess to Protected Health Information (PHI) Form122.3 KBCommunication regarding Normative Letter 21-09211.3 MBCommunication regarding Informative Letter related to the Obligation and Responsibility to Provide Medical Services to Citizens1.7 MBCommunication regarding Normative Letter 20-1214-D206.1 KBCommunication regarding Normative Letter 21-0817781.7 KBCommunication regarding the Eligibility Extension- COVID-191.2 MBCommunication regarding Normative Letter No. 21-0708159.6 KBCommunication regarding Normative Letter No. 21-07123.8 MBCommunication regarding Normative Letter 20-12101.5 MBCommunication regarding Normative Letter No. 21-0505198.1 KBCommunication regarding Normative Letter 21-0603171.2 KBCommunication regarding Administrative Order No. 2021-507745.8 KBClinical Practice Guidelines 2021234.8 KBCommunication regarding Normative Letter No. 20-1214B163.1 KBCommunication regarding Normative Letter No. 20-1110-A204.3 KBCommunication regarding Normative Letter21-0517668.4 KBCommunication regarding Normative Letter21-0528627.3 KBFMHP Preventive Care Services Guidelines 20212.2 MBCommunication regarding Normative Letter No. 21-0414305.7 KBCommunication regarding Extension of Eligibility - COVID-19852.0 KBNormative Letter No. 20-1214B52.1 KBCommunication regarding Normative Letter No. 21-0211-A146.4 KBCommunication regarding Normative Letter No. 20-1214C118.5 KBCommunication regarding Circular Letter No. 21-0324115.9 KBProviders Guidelines 20212.9 MBCommunication regarding to the Letter for Healthcare Providers - Línea de Cesación de Fumar ¡Déjalo Ya!0 BCommunication regarding Normative Letter No. 21-0305A110.1 KBCommunication regarding Normative Letter No. 21-0308181.9 KBCommunication regarding Normative Letter No 21-0223134.8 KBCommunication regarding Normative Letter No. 21-0211322.3 KBCommunication regarding Normative Letter No. 21-0129201.9 KBCommunication regarding Normative Letter No. 20-1023-01121.3 KBCommunication regarding Normative Letter No. 20-12101.5 MBCommunication regarding Normative Letter No. 21-0121200.6 KBCommunication regarding Administrative Order No. 4761.1 MBCommunication regarding Circular Letter No. 21-0114137.1 KBQuestions and Answers New Poverty Level208.4 KBCommunication regarding Circular Letter No. 21-0114137.1 KBCommunication regarding Normative Letter No. 20-1023-01C81.3 KBCommunication regarding Circular Letter No. 21-0104106.1 KBCommunication regarding Normative Letter No. 21-0104112.0 KBCommunication regarding Normative Letter 20-1217902.0 KBCommunication regarding Circular Letter 20-12174.7 MBCommunication regarding Normative Letter 20-12101.5 MBCommunication regarding Normative Letter 20-1106A103.7 KBCommunication regarding Normative Letter 20-1214189.4 KBCommunication regarding Normative Letter 20-1023-01B122.3 KBCommunication regarding the Special Enrollment Period288.7 KBFMHP Preventive Care Services Guidelines 20212.2 MBNormative Letter 20-1106498.2 KBCommunication regarding Normative Letter 20-1023-01A120.7 KBCommunication regarding Normative Letter Number 20-1110 Billing for Remdesivir-Plasma Convalescent Services-Treatments2.5 MBComunicado-referente-a-la-Carta-Circular-20-1112-relacionada-a-Aclaratoria-Restablecimiento-del-Requisito-de-Referido165.6 KBCommunication regarding Circular Letter 20-1106135.7 KBCommunication regarding Normative Letter 20-1030113.6 KBCommunication regarding Circular Letter 20-1020193.9 KBCommunication regarding Circular Letter 20-1028959.2 KBCommunication regarding Administrative Order No. 4601.1 MBCommunication regarding Normative Letter 20-1023303.5 KBCommunication regarding Circular Letter 20-1020-01152.6 KBCommunication regarding Circular Letter 20-10150 BCommunication regarding Normative Letter 20-1008361.5 KBProviders Directory5.3 MBClinical Practice Guidelines246.0 KBCommunication regarding Circular Letter 20-09300 BComunicado referente a la Carta Circular 20-0930 relacionada a la Aclaratoria sobre Copagos y Deducibles para los Procedimientos de Laboratorios para la detección del COVID-19/Prueba Rápida0 BPlan Vital_Carta Trámite- Carta Normativa 20-03-16A Enmendada relacionada al Restablecimiento de Pre-Autorizaciones0 BCarta Trámite Carta Normativa 20-0404A_Enmienda a Carta Normativa 20-04040 BCircular Letter 20-0826-02 related to TTY Number Change – Vital Plan Enrollment Counselor719.4 KBCarta Normativa 20-0825 relacionada al Ajuste en el Suplido de Cantidad Mensual de Lantus Solostar para el Manejo de Diabetes193.8 KBDescontinuación de la venta y distribución de Coumadin0 BCarta Normativa 20-0819 relacionada al Requisito de “Contrafirma” del Médico Primario para el Despacho de Recetas de Medicamentos0 BCarta Circular 20-0630 relacionada a la Actualización del Manejo de Cloroquina e Hidroxicloroquina debido al Estado de Emergencia causado por COVID-190 BCarta Circular 20-0806 relacionada a la Transición de Pacientes de Molina Healthcare0 BPuerto Rico Medicaid Program Provider Enrollment Portal – Wave 7 Training and Enrollment Dates0 BCarta Normativa 20-0717 Suspensión del Requerimiento de Referidos0 BCarta Circular 20-0713 relacionada a Aclaratoria de Cartas Normativas96.6 KBCarta Normatiuva 20-0713-01Cierre Farmacias KMART138.9 KBClinical Practice Guidelines244.3 KBCarta Normativa 20-03-18 Enmendada relacionada a la Notificación para dejar sin efecto la Carta Normativa 20-0318 sobre Auditorías de Utilización Concurrente102.1 KBCarta Normativa 20-03-16B Enmendada relacionada a Referidos, Autorización Previa (PA), Servicios Médicos y Servicios Hospitalarios84.4 KBCarta Normativa 20-05-01A Código para la Cubierta Dental0 BCarta Circular 20-0603-01 Registro de recién nacidos al portal de Medicaid0 BCarta Circular 20-0619 relacionada al Plan de Transición de Molina Healthcare Puerto Rico para Cesar Operaciones en el Plan Vital245.1 KBCarta Normativa 20-0616-01 relacionada al Restablecimiento de los Requisitos de Pre-Autorización (PA) para el Procesamiento y Despacho de Medicamentos para los Beneficiarios del Plan Vital79.1 KBCarta Circular 20-0612 relacionada al Retiro de Algunos Lotes de Metformin255.4 KBCarta Normativa 20-0611 relacionada a Medicamentos Anticonvulsivos160.1 KBPuerto Rico Medicaid Program Provider Enrollment Portal – Wave 5 Training and Enrollment Dates0 BCarta Normativa 20-0527 relacionada a la Efectividad de la Medida de Sustentabilidad991.4 KBCarta Normativa 20-0529 relacionada a Cambios en el Formulario de Medicamentos741.1 KBCarta Normativa 20-05-01 relacionada al Código para la Cubierta Dental0 BCarta Normativa 20-0519 relacionada al Restablecimiento de Requisitos para el Procesamiento y Despacho de Medicamentos para los Beneficiarios del Plan Vital214.4 KBOrden Administrativa Núm. 442 – Enmienda a la Orden Administrativa Núm. 428 que autoriza los Procedimientos Electivos para preservar la Salud del Paciente0 BCarta Normativa 20-0514 de la Administración de Seguros de Salud de Puerto Rico0 BOrden Administrativa 424- Establecimiento de las normas para la prevención de la transmisión del Coronavirus (COVID-19) a pacientes durante la evaluación, tratamiento y realización de procedimientos invasivos; y para otros fines relacionados576.0 KBCarta Normativa 20-0427 relacionada a Servicios de Vacunación a través de la Red de Farmacias del Plan de Salud del Gobierno, Plan Vital566.3 KBCarta Circular 20-0423 - TeleHealth, Terapia Fisica y Ocupacional274.4 KBCarta Normativa 20-04-01A Nueva Codificación para los Procedimientos de Laboratorios para la Detección del COVID-19/Prueba Rápida503.4 KBCarta Circular 20-0421 relacionada a la Actualización de la Regulación del Despacho de Cloroquina e Hidroxicloroquina debido al Estado de Emergencia causado por COVID-19536.8 KBCarta Informativa-Orden Administrativa Núm. 430 del Departamento de Salud de PR0 BNormativa 20/04/20 Disponibilidad de la Red de Dentistas0 BCarta Normativa 19-0826A (FMC) Enmendada1.4 MBCarta Normativa 20-0402A- Teledentistry343.4 KBTeledentistry codes CN 2 april 2020589.6 KBCarta Normativa relacionada a la Cubierta y Beneficios para COVID-19610.9 KBCarta Normativa 20-0320 de la Administración de Seguros de Salud de Puerto Rico0 BCarta Normativa 20-0326 referente a Inclusión de Maviret®0 BFORMULARIO ORDEN ADMINISTRATIVA 426 CORONAVIRUS MUJERES EMBARAZADAS2.0 MBConsultas Médicas Telefónicas-Extensión a Médicos Especialistas y profesionales de la Salud Física y Mental durante el Estado de Emergencia COVID-190 BCarta Normativa 20-03-16A relacionada al Acceso a Medicamentos en Red de Farmacias y Contrafirma del Medico Primario Estado de Emergencia (COVID -19)616.6 KBCarta Normativa 20-0317 de la Administración de Seguros de Salud de Puerto Rico0 BCarta Normativa 20-03-16B m605.5 KBCarta Normativa Cambios al Formulario de Medicamentos en Cubierta479.6 KBCarta Normativa 20-0311 COVID-19 m2.1 MBCarta Trámite- Cierre de Farmacia Kmart0 BTransmittal Letter related to Provider Enrollment Portal894.3 KBCarta Trámite Cierre de Farmacias Kmart0 BFormulario de Cernimiento de Riesgo de Caries577.2 KBCarta Normativa 19-1104 Formulario de Referido y-o Consulta y Formulario de Preautorizaciones del Plan Vital767.1 KBLetter Provider Enrollment Portal745.8 KBCarta Circular - Cierre de Farmacias Kmart470.9 KBCarta Normativa 19-1023 Cambio en el édito de suplidos para las bombas de infusión de insulina0 BCarta Normativas 19-1022 Política de ASES sobre cernimiento y diagnóstico de pérdida de audición editada0 BGuías de Proveedores2.8 MBCarta Informativa Cubierta Especial de Autismo332.0 KBCarta Informativa Diabetes- Ley Núm. 177 del año 20160 BBoletín- Materiales para Beneficiarios del Plan Vital0 BComunicado referente a la Carta Normativa 2019-10-2- Tarifario Dental1.1 MBRecomendación de Alimentación 0 a 24 meses0 BCC-2019-1953- DCarta Circular sobre Ley 107-2012 (tratamiento contra el cáncer)0 BCarta Normativa 19-0919 Interferon-Gamma Release Assays (IGRAs)410.0 KBComunicado Tormenta Karen Cumplimiento416.6 KBCarta Normativa 19-0904 Cambios en la Cubierta de Albuterol546.9 KBSuspensión de las Órdenes Administrativas 19-0827 y 19-0827B0 BOrden Administrativa 19-0827-B relacionada a la Política de la Administración de Servicios de Salud para los beneficiarios del Plan Vital: Servicios Médicos y Hospitalarios Durante y Después del Paso de la Tormenta Dorian269.4 KBOrden Administrativa 19-0827 relacionada a la Política de la Administración de Servicios de Salud para los beneficiarios del Plan Vital: Manejo de Medicamentos Durante y Después del Paso de la Tormenta Dorian0 BCarta Normativa 19-0826, Enmendada relacionada a Cambios al Formulario de Medicamentos en Cubierta911.3 KBFMHP Preventive Care Services Guideline 20192.3 MBCommunication regarding Normative Letter Number 19-0726 related to Vaccination2.4 MBCarta Normativa 19-0724A de la Administración de Seguros de Salud de Puerto Rico, relacionada a Cambios al Formulario de Medicamentos en Cubierta0 BCarta Normativa 19-0627 relacionada a la Cubierta de Suboxone® SL FILM presentación0 BCarta Normativa Cambio en Cubierta de Suboxone® SL FILM0 BCarta Circular 19-0530 Educacion Manejo Genericos Autorizados935.2 KBFMHP_PRV_19.80_48_E- Clinical Practice Guidelines Notification272.2 KBClinical Practice Guidelines Notification272.2 KBCarta Informativa Programa de Asma1.8 MBCarta Normativa Registro Medicos3.1 MBCarta Normativa Fomulario Pre-Autorización Merge0 BCarta Normativa Cubierta de Anticonceptivos Edad Reproductiva1.3 MBCarta Normativa 19-0305- Enmendada, relacionada a la Política Pública de Antidiscrimen a beneficiarios, por razón de identidad de género, expresión de género u orientación sexual real o percibida, al solicitar y recibir servicios de salud4.2 MBCarta Normativa 19-0402 de la Administración de Seguros de Salud de Puerto Rico, relacionada a Cambios al Formulario de Medicamentos en Cubierta334.5 KBOrden Administrativa del Departamento de Salud de Puerto Rico para Autorizar a las Farmacias la Venta Sin Receta y así como Autorizar el Uso por Personal de Servicios de Salud de Primera Ayuda del Medicamento Naloxona276.5 KBPoblación Vital-X (Virtual)0 BCarta Normativa 15-002 Cubierta Anticonceptivos1.1 MBCarta Normativa 2019-0320 relacionada al Código de Facturación para la Administración de Trogarzo®1.7 MBCarta Normativa 19-0319 de la Administración de Seguros de Salud de Puerto Rico, relacionada a Cambios al Formulario de Medicamentos en Cubierta318.5 KBCarta Normativa 19-0116-Enmendada336.5 KBCarta Normativa Segunda Extension Transicion Vital520.1 KBCartaModeloIntegracionSaludFisicaMental218.3 KBCertificadoExamenOral311.3 KBCarta Normativa 19-0130 de la Administración de Seguros de Salud de Puerto Rico Merge0 BCarta Tramite Orientacion Proveedores FM Vital260.2 KBPreventive Services Guidelines 20182.1 MBCarta Normativa 18-10-02438.7 KBCarta Normativa 18-1102 Cambios al Formulario de Cubierta311.5 KBCarta Normativa Número 18-0705-A0 BCarta Tramite y Normativa 18-1116 11212018517.2 KBCarta Tramite Carta Normativa 18-1116 def513.0 KBCarta Informativa Servicios Dentales Plan Vital3.8 MBCarta Informativa para la Red de Proveedores General relacionada al Plan Vital3.7 MBCarta5OctEnmendada528.5 KBCartaPeriodoTranssicionPlanVital954.5 KBCartaNormativa181003Enmendada982.4 KB

Providers Directory

The General Network Provider Directory will provide you a list of contracted providers throughout the Island. This directory includes Primary Medical Groups, Primary Care Physicians, specialists, behavioral health providers, dentists, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, amongst others.

The General Network Provider Directory provides the following information about the physicians:

  • Medical Specialty
  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone numbers
  • Office days and business hours

If you need a copy of the General Provider Directory, please feel free to contact First Medical Customer Service at 1-844-347-7800; TTY/TDD users should call 1-844-347-7805, Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. First Medical will send you free of charge, the General Provider Directory in five (5) business days from the date of your request.

General Network Provider Directory

General Network Provider Directory

You can search any Provider of the General Provider Network through this Providers Directory by selecting the search method. To complete your search, you must follow all steps. If you need assistance to complete your search, please feel free to contact First Medical Customer Service at 1-844-347-7800; TTY/TDD users should call 1-844-347-7805, Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.; a Customer Service Representative will assist you.